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A Lie Exposed - John Paulus

There have been many tactics used by John Paulus to terrorize
the Clay Aiken fandom, and Clay's fans have been held captive
by the Paulus tactics; yet have we really looked into the
history of this man. The ONLY person who conjured, recanted,
recanted his recant ??? of tabloid lies regarding Clay Aiken.

Isn't it justice to assume Paulus would be careful in
his truths about his non-encounter with Clay Aiken as
he is with his own personal history.?

A lie exposed. One of many..

John Paulus Lies Part 1 - Despite his assertions that he never filed bankruptcy and never defaulted on his debts, these documents prove otherwise.

"Listen if there was any information on me that was legitimate it would be on every Claymate operated blog before it could be verified. That's not moth balls your smelling, that's Claymate desperation.

John Paulus Homepage 10.07.07 -
11:22 pm #"
Posted by John Paulus in a comment on his blog Naked Truth.

Since you asked . . . .

Here it is. This is the first in a series where we will reveal legitimate information Paulus contends does not exist.

He posted in a comment on Naked Truth on June 15, 2006:

John Paulus said...

Hi I am back. I was away for awhile and then I was told
that someone was using my screen name on another blog. These games these people play. The lastest is the posting of my alleged bankruptcy. I thought that I had address that a few months ago and spoke about being a victim of identity theft by a soldier in my unit by the name of Anthony Harrison? They won't post the court papers which fixed it. I will let them play. I have those papers in a box and when I can I just might post those to make them feel stupid again. 12:42 AM

He alleges that someone by the name of Anthony Harrison stole his identity and filed bankruptcy in his name, presumably forging his name and appearing on his behalf in court. Paulus claims that he filed court papers to fix it. Really? Let's examine the real court papers.

Below is his bankruptcy petition:
Click on images to enlarge.

Please notice the signature on the second page of the official bankruptcy petition and compare it to the signature on the mortgage Paulus signed on property he used to own in Ft. Lauderdale (which will be the subject of a future blog). The signature on the mortgage was notarized, leaving no doubt that Paulus signed it himself. There is no doubt that the signatures on both documents are identical.

There are no "court papers which fixed it." This was a legitimate bankruptcy, signed and filed by Paulus to discharge all his debts. The case proceeded through the bankruptcy system in an orderly fashion and was concluded with a Discharge of Debtor signed by the bankruptcy judge:

Stay tuned for Part 2.
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Monday, October 8, 2007


Again - with gratitude to Clay Aiken News (link under the Blog Links)

Clay Aiken News In a recent article published by a tabloid journal it was claimed that John Paulus never recanted his story about Clay Aiken. This is absolutely untrue. In the spirit of fair and complete journalistic reporting I am presenting proof that John Paulus actually did recant his fable about Clay Aiken:
I'd be willing to have a press conference admitting that this was all a lie and that Clay and I never met nor did he ever solicit me for sex and that as far as I know he is straight.

Are you saying Clay is not gay? And the evidence they had, was that Clay with a man or a woman? And where did you get your inside information? Like before going on GMA in Sept. that he was on meds?When we started the blog there were people who disliked Clay's saying that LA had rotting guts and they were willing to share information on Clay. Clay pissed off some powerful people by not playing ball.

Percocet is just a numb front person. It's the others on there that are behind this whole thing. When I had my blog I would occassionally post and that's why you say different styles and why it appeared on was on all night. There are a group of 8 people. I was recuited back in July of 2005 from They saw me there and that I was muscular, attractive, and from NC. and persuaded me to help them. So we worked out this scheme over 6 months and put it into place going over ever detail. I even took 3 prior lie detector test so that I could pass one by any media that gave me one.

Oh what about the cumrag? Used a prop.
And the cell phone calls? They were calls made by "haters" to my phone.
And the hotel room? There was really a room 207 and I really did check in and I did walk with someone into the room.

So who is revoles?
I am told that it's a guy with a close connection to 3 of these women. I do know that he is rich.

Were you paid?
My only compensation was that they would get me in touch with Lucas to do porno.

He did all this for a shot with Michael Lucas.
And all my bills paid for an entire year. Why do you think I had to start working again in December?

So, why after you were put in contact with Lucas... did the porno and hated it, did you continue the lie? Was it because of the contract with Lucas and your image as the 'guy who had sex with Clay Aiken'??
Because Claymates pissed me off and it was fun messing with them. I sort of forgot about Clay in the mix not until he called did I connect with him as a real person.
On Sept 28 2007, Paulus admitted that he had not spoken to the real Clay Aiken. He was fooled by an impostor and blogged about the fact that all of his saved Instant Messenger transcripts were with a Fake Clay.
Some may think that I am disappointed to learn that the person I was communicating with for nearly a year turned out to not to be Clay Aiken. I am not. I was greatly relieved to have learned that Clay Aiken and Ms. Parker were NOT using some single mother in order to manipulate me and the fans. It would have been easier for me to ignore the truth and to continue to post IM conversations from "Clay Aiken", but I would have compromised my integrity as a person. I will readily stand before you and admit that these perpetrators have fooled me as well as many fans than to continue to publish conversations which I have now learned weren't with Clay Aiken. My apologies to all those that were affected and I hope that the person(s) responsible will be sought out, found, and prosecuted.

In your e-mails to Perc, where you call him a pathological liar and so many other bad things, what was that all about?
That email is access by more than just me. I wasn't the one who sent those to her.

I have admitted that this was all a lie and that Clay and I never had sex. What's the problem. Time to move on. Clay has been a victim of a really evil scheme and I know that he is grateful for having such devoted fans who always believed in him. It's over Perc. The Claymates and Clay have both won. I hope they will forgive me for playing along with this ruse as Clay has.

You want me to name names, but I have family I need to be protective of. IF these people are crazy enough to destroy Clay, then imagine what they might do to my family if I start naming names. The only protection I have is threatening to take them to the police.
They already know where your family is jackass.
I won't reveal who you guys are, If you just leave them alone then.

I knew you wouldn't name the names, John. Anytime I call you on ANYTHING you never come through. Real stand up guy. (rolls-eyes)
Why did you emerge here all of a sudden. I thought you were DONE with me? Something to hide or should I say protect? It's over with. I'm not playing. Leave Clay and his fans be and just enjoy Kelly and Ruben.

Percocet is a victim of the "haters" influences. When I started defending Clay they became unhinged. Clay and I never met nor have we ever had sex. To my knowledge he is straight or bi curious. I will share more about this scheme put together by posters on the 411 over the weekend.

I've called my friend at the N.E. He is very interested in hearing this was all a hoax. He will be contacting you tomorrow!Great, I'd be more than willing to share.
And then, just last week he LIED to the National Enquirer.
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regarding CLAY AIKEN.........

John Paulus recanted his lurid "scenario" of his alleged
tryst with Clay Aiken, yet it is apparent the National
Enquirer and others follow the current trend of misleading
their readers by OMITTING the truth.

It is no longer alleged, as he has said:

March 2, 2007 Paulus indicated he would undergo any
interview/radio or print necessary to clarify the fact
that "I never met nor did he ever solicit me for sex and
that as far as I know he is straight".

He recanted his terrorism of the Clay fandom by using
the terminology "a HOAX" - WHY is this being avoided
now seven months afterward?

Why is the TRUTH being avoided at this time?

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